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Labeling biomolecules with fluorescent dyes or other labels, can make
the researchers use accurate and sensitive methods, such as imaging,
flow cytometry and protein immunoblot to detect the specific components
of complex compounds. We provide a full spectrum of new generation of  
AC-F dye for proteins and nucleic to label antibodies, proteins, peptides,  
ligands and synthetic oligonucleotides and other biomolecules. These
products can be used in the immunohistochemical, fluorescence in situ
These products are also powerful tools for other biotin and hapten
conjugated biomolecules.

With the development of proteomics and bio-pharmaceutical
development, modification of peptides and proteins aroused widespread
attention, which become a very important research direction. Through
modification of polypeptides and proteins, we can study the relationship
between structure and function of protein molecules and protein-protein
interactions and use molecular markers to track positioning and also can
modify for some active peptides and proteins.

In particular, our AC-F dyes antibody labeling kits greatly simplifies the
preparation of fluorescently labeled antibodies. Another advantage of the
kit is that our high quality of  AC-F dye. Most AC-F dyes, which show
better optical stability, were brighter than Alexa Fluor®, CF, CY and other
similar commercial dye. Products of AC-F dye family is numerous, which
covering the entire spectrum wavelength of visible and near-infrared
region. Therefore, users in the choice of different colors have great
freedom, so that the detection of multi-wavelength is easier and more
The characteristics of AC-F dyes:
  • Brightness- AC-F dye on the brightness at or beyond Alexa
    Fluor, CF, Cy and other commercial dye.
  • Light stability- Light stability of AC-F dyes in the same dye is
    one of the few.
  • Specificity and in vivo stability, AC-F-labeled antibodies
    with high specificity, while extending the half-life time of antibody
    imaging in vivo.
  • PH-insensitive, AC-F dye can maintain high luminance
    fluorescence in a wide pH range.

  • Compatibility, AC-F dyes is compatible with common excitation
    light source and various kinds of filter in existing various organic
  • Many colors available, AC-F series dyes including the variety
    of color from ultraviolet to near infrared dyes to choose from.

You can browse the ACES website to get more updated information on
our dye technology and the related products.
Antibody labeling
Antibody labeling methods
Antibody Labeling with AC fluorescent dye
Cryosections (5 µm) of human control heart sections stained with goat anti-
rabbit IgG labeled with Cy™2, DyLight488, Alexa Fluor® 488 and AC-F488
A-AC-F488 Abs,B-AC-F488 Em,C-CF™488A Abs,D-CF™488A Em,E-
Alexa Fluor® 488 Abs,F-Alexa Fluor® 488 Em Absorption and
Fluorescent Labeling of Peptides
Intergrated Protein Services vs Fluorescently labeled
Fluorescently labeled protein